Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blue days. . .

Every once in a while, for no apparent reason, the blues descend upon me.  That's what's happening today.  For no apparent reason. 

I had a restless night.  I don't remember my dreams from last night but I remember there were many and that I had to wake myself up to stop the feeling of urgency bordering on panic.  Those kinds of dreams always leave me with a bit of a dull headache and that's not a nice way to start the day.

As I sat down to read today's paper I heard birds chirping, lots of them and like my dreams, there was a sense of urgency to them.  I got up to look out the window and saw a bunch of robins chasing off a very large raven.  Last week I took some terrific pictures of three baby robins that were in  a nest sitting on the drainage pipe under the eaves so when I saw them chasing I knew they were protecting their babies.  I looked around for something to throw at the raven if it came near again and in the time it took me to do that the raven had knocked the nest off the drainage pipe and was flying away with one of the chicks in it's beak, with three or four robins giving chase.  I felt sick.

I wondered why mother nature had to be so cruel.  My headache got worse.

One of the pleasures of being retired is being able to have a leisurely start to my day.  I often get up and putter around the house tidying etc and then have a hot drink while I read the paper.  I love reading the morning paper, it feels like a luxury.  I can skim the negative headlines and settle into the stories that really interest me.  Today's paper seems to be full of horrible stories.  Now, to be perfectly honest, most days there are lots of those stories and I am able to just skim the headline and breeze on by them.  Today though they bothered me, even the headlines.  It just seems like that kind of day.

I have no plans for today other than to vote, clean under the sink and organize an upstairs room.  Today is a day I am wishing I had to go to work.  I am wishing for the noisy chatter of the kids and the million and one things that always needed attention.  Today I am not enjoying the quiet that I have learned to love.  Today is a good day to remember that the sunshine is always brighter after a few grey days.

The clouds are breaking a little so perhaps it's time to get on my bike so I can turn my attention to my sore butt and burning legs.  A little distraction is what I need.


  1. That is strange, because I was feeling listless this afternoon. I had gone to Kent School to teach a class on BC elections and that was great. When I sat down after lunch I felt a deep tiredness and I don't know why. Maybe it is the weather or maybe it is a cold coming on- who knows. I noticed that Kurt felt out of sorts yesterday. Anyway, the sun is out now and we look forward to seeing William and Kurt in the next few days, as well as my sister. It must be the weather or ions in the atmosphere. Things will get better.

    1. I heard the same thing from a couple of other people Fran so it's definitely something in the air. Nothing serious, just lacking my usual enthusiasm and I know it's just part of the ups and downs of life. You're right, when the sun comes out it makes everything feel a bit better. Glad to hear your boys and your sister are coming for a visit. It's always nice to have the house full of people and chatter and laughter (and usually food). Enjoy!