Friday, October 4, 2013

Awakening My Senses

Saying Yes To the Moment - Day 2
This is our bridge
It crosses the mighty Fraser River
For 32 years crossing this bridge meant 'coming home'
The bridge is known by all who live near
So sad that it has no bike lane
which makes it almost impossible to cross without a vehicle
For young people this bridge signifies summer parties
bonfires and sometimes trouble
Nowadays, for us, it is a place to let our dog run free
as we walk along with the sun on our backs
and the crisp fall breeze softly blowing in our faces
The smell of rotting fish is familiar
and the bear scat reminds us to be watchful
A few fresh berries pop out on the fading
scraggly, mostly-dead blackberry bushes
which were ripe with fruit just days ago
The walks we take here are always peaceful
although we can hear the fisherman along the far shores
and a few farm dogs barking in the distance
beyond the freshly stripped cornfields
Garter snakes slither just beyond our steps
as we disrupt one of their last sunbathing days for this year
As we turn at the end of the path
with our dog bounding on ahead
we once again talk of how quickly the time passes
Today we are noticing that this is true with both
the seasons
the years
And we are grateful for the time we have
Just Say Yes To The Moment


  1. Wow! Amazing writing and reflection, Mom!

    1. Thanks Christine! And, thanks for making my days just a little more aware! Sounds like your boys are settling in :)

  2. I really like the photos you feature here. And just a lovely quiet reflection on our bridge.

  3. Thanks Rebecca! It was a lovely, quiet day for a walk and for some pictures. Will be thinking of Galen tomorrow, living out his dream!