Friday, May 6, 2011

Such a remarkable girl!

Elizabeth, you are such a remarkable girl.  For the past four years you have been a regular visitor at Children's Hospital in Vancouver to deal with your ITIP.  You've been poked and prodded and you just deal with all of it.  Every day you spend there is a long one.  While the people there are amazing and obviously love you to death, they are still long days.  Last Monday you were there with your mom and dad for almost 11 hours.  We hope that this treatment will cure your ITIP but we know if it doesn't that you will handle whatever comes your way.  I'm glad you live close enough to just go for the day and I know that you meet many children there who have it tougher than you and who have to spend many months away from their families and homes just to receive treatment.  As I watch you grow I continue to be amazed by you.  You are now in grade 1 and I know you are an incredible reader and that you know your numbers inside out and upside down.  You are kind and loving and your smile lights up any room you walk into.  You are so curious, there's nothing you don't love (except for cooked carrots:)  You have a great curiosity and you explore science and music and art (LOVE your new splatter paint:), books and and flowers and animals.  You love to dress up and can't wait to show off your new bridesmaid dress this summer.  I want you to know how much you are loved and how amazing you are!

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