Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wedding Shower

Dearest girls of mine,
It was so nice to see you all in one spot with smiles on your faces and friends by your side.  As I knew would happen, there was lots of laughter and lots of good memories being shared.  Kelly, you look so happy as you prepare for your wedding.  You spend so much time planning it out and taking care of the little details that will make it so special.  I was so happy for you that some basketball friends, family, old friends and young friends could share this day with you.  Carrie & Christine, thank you both so much for all the thought and preparation you put into this day for Kelly.  The scrapbooking idea was a good one.  So many old memories got shared and the scrapbook will be a place that Kelly can look back on and remember both those old memories as well as the new ones that were created today.  Elizabeth, it was so great to see you, it seems like such a long time.  When you jump up and give me those big squeezy hugs, it just makes my day.  I loved watching you as you so carefully created your special pages for Aunty Kelly.  You are so creative and LOVE being with the big girls.  Lisa and Karli and Stefanie, it was wonderful to see you all here today joining your monkey sister in her special day.    Thanks everyone for making everything so special!

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