Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Your Wedding Day!

Dear Kelly,
Today is your wedding day and you will be surrounded by so many people who love you.  I know too that Papa and Mike will be shining down on you from above and from within your heart.  Today is your wedding day and once again all I can think is, "where did the years go?".  This picture is one of my favourites of you, playing in the sand at Harrison.  You are deep in concentration, focussed on the task at hand.  One of the great things about you is that you have always done everything with determination and given it everything you had!.  It's hard to talk about you without talking about Carrie, especially during those early baby years.  I remember so fondly waking up early in the morning to nurse you.  Sitting in the quiet house with the light just beginning to filter through the windows with the two of you snuggled closely is one of my strongest memories.  I would nurse the two of you, put you back to bed and then sneak back into bed for a few quiet moments before Dad, Jason and Christine got up for school.  By the time they were off you were both walking up again.  It never ceased to amaze me how close the two of you were.  Sometimes, even when you were little, it seemed all you needed in the world was each other.  People have often commented to me how difficult it must have been having twins but really it wasn't hard at all.  But in spite of being a twin you have always had your own personality.

As I've mentioned before you were born determined and passionate.  This characteristic always shone through.  When you wanted a toy you simply grabbed it and hung on.  Carrie had to learn to crawl so she could get ahold of something and then scoot away so you couldn't win the tug of war that always came when you were playing.  You spent your whole life working hard to get the things you wanted and to stick by the people you care for.  Always have, always will.  You know how to set goals and achieve them in everything you do, from basketball to school to teaching in Korea.

The other characteristic that has always shone through is your compassion (except maybe with the Barbie dolls).  When you were very young Dad hurt his back and you spent a few days bringing him tea, turning on and off his heating pad and just making sure he was looked after.  You couldn't have been more than 3 or 4 at the time.  You cared so much about everyone at the hospital when you were a candy striper and always came home with stories of the wonderful people you helped.  You stand by your family and friends and they stand by  you!

It was obvious early on that you and Brady would go through life together.  In the beginning we wondered when the wedding bells would toll but as time passed we accepted that you may not do things the traditional way:)  After ten years of togetherness Brady asked Dad for your hand in marriage.  I'm not sure why, after ALL those years, but Dad said Brady was very nervous.  Brady started planning early to make your engagement special.  He put a lot of effort, time and thought into arranging a trip to Nanny & Papa's cabin, such a special place for you and used the ring that his grampa proposed to his gramma with and made the whole moment one none of us will ever forget.

Spending your life together will be great but it won't always be easy:)  When things are challenging just remember the moment he asked you to be his wife for that moment truly reflects all he knows about you and loves about you. We know you are anxious to start a family and know that you will be wonderful parents.  All we have to do is watch you with Lizzie and Kai. You know how to love, how to plan simple adventures and how to have fun together.  Your kids will be lucky to have you as parents.

You have a strong family close by to support you in all you do in life.  You have a network of amazing friends.  You know how to stay in the moment and make the most of all you do.  Life will be amazing and I can't wait to watch it all unfold.  Happy Wedding Day Kelly and Brady!

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