Friday, October 7, 2011

Thankful for my Grandson!

Dear Kai,
Tomorrow we will all be together (except for Uncle Derran:( to share our Thanksgiving dinner together.  The picture above is one of my favourites because the whole world can see how much you meant to your mom and dad even before you got here!  What you can't see in this picture is how excited we all were as we waited to meet you.  Before you were born your mom and dad didn't really want to share their possible baby names with us.  I understand that completely because really, you can't name a baby until you meet him and see who he is.  So. . . .for the last few months before you were born we all called you "Julio".  We don't know why we picked that name but we were all pretty sure it was going to stick no matter what your mom and dad named you.  To be perfectly honest with you I'm so glad they chose Kai because I wasn't really that fond of some of the other choices they had:)

Your mom had a long hard labour (I'm sure you're going to hear about this for years:).  Your dad and me and Grampa stayed with her through the night as you fought to make your way into the world.  After being at the hospital for the whole night I stepped out of the room to call your aunties and uncles to give them an update.  They had all gathered at Uncle Derran's and Auntie Carrie's and played cards through the night waiting to hear you had arrived.  While I had stayed at your mom's side for hours and hours you decided that the moment I stepped out of the room would be the moment you arrived!  I'll never forget when I stepped back into the room hearing your mom's voice say to me, "He's here!"  You can see from the picture above that we all look pretty terrific for having pulled an all-nighter.  What you can't see is that your aunties and uncles are all here in the room too waiting their turn to hold you in their arms and welcome you to the world.
This is your third Thanksgiving with us Kai and we can't begin to tell you how much you're loved.  It seems impossible that you weren't always here.  You are three now and I don't know another little boy that can bring such laughter to a room.  You are mischievous, energetic and one cool kid!  You make us all laugh and smile and you love being the center of attention!  When you're in a room you light it up with your laughter and your antics.  Always up to something, that's you!

I love this picture of you because it shows so much about who you are right now.  You're so curious about everything (especially my camera:).  Your shirt is covered in guitars and I have certainly see you rock it out with your own electric guitar.  I wish you were wearing your Batman cape in this picture because it seems to me that you have it on almost every time I see you.  Your new skateboard has been a real hit with you and we're all amazed at how good you are already! Imagine, our little Kai playing soccer, swimming, doing gymnastics, playing music, riding skateboards and making music.  Thank you Kai for who you are and what you bring to all our lives! 

Love, Gramma

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  1. Thanks, Mom. I can't wait until Kai can read this himself. Until then, I will make sure he knows we are thankful for him...