Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Amazing Elizabeth - Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Elizabeth,
I will never forget the day you came into our world and changed it forever.  I'm trying hard to show you off to the camera in this picture but what I notice when I look at it is how happy I look just holding you up for the world to see.  You came into my world on a busy day.  I was a new principal and it was our school's big year end assembly.  There was so much to do and so many people coming to honour and celebrate their own children but the moment that phone rang everything else seemed just a little less important.  We got through the afternoon and me and Grampa hopped into the car for our drive to Vancouver, hoping you hadn't arrived before we got there.  We missed your grand entrance by just a bit but it didn't change how excited we were finally meet our first grandchild.

One of the things I remember most about you being a wee baby is how much all your aunties (and your dad) had to learn.  Auntie Carrie and Auntie Kelly were looking after you one day when you were still so little.  Daddy had forgot to pack diapers and by the time Grampa and I got there your two aunties had your little bum wrapped in a towel and they were a bit frantic about how to make you stop crying.  A quick trip to the store solved all the problems.  You've heard many other stories (like the one where Auntie Carrie held you while Auntie Kelly wiped up the puke after they fed you junk food and then put you in the car for a long ride to Agassiz).  Along the way we all figured things out (lucky for you!) and it seemed like there was always a big competition about who would get to look after you when mommy or daddy needed a bit of help. 

As you grew (by the way, MUCH too quickly) we learned more about you and who you are.  You always had the ability to entertain yourself and it wasn't long before we all were amazed by your incredible story-telling skills.  You could turn an ordinary couch into a boat in a storm.  A rope became a fishing rod that brought many beautiful things to us from the sea; mermaids, dolphins and that really famous starfish that your daddy ate!  A tree stump in Olympic Village became shelter from a desert storm even though it was pouring rain in our world.  One of my favourite days with you was the day at Kye Bay where you turned Grampa into your "matey" and I got to be the queen.  You dug for buried treasure, watched for pirate ships and had Grampa running to and fro at your every command!

Elizabeth, you are also an amazing artist.  This picture of the peacock was just one of the amazing pictures you took while you were on your vacation in California.  What I love most about your pictures is that I get to see the world through your eyes.  You always pic scenes with amazing colour and lots of movement and usually they involve nature!  The first statue that you helped me make was a great one and when I took it to the next show I was at it was the first one to sell.  You were a little sad that I sold it but you were very proud that other people loved it just as much as you did.  When we play together with arts and crafts you are always very careful to make sure that I don't "help" you too much as you have your own creative ideas about just the way you want your art to look.  I love it that you love art!

Lizzie, this picture of you at swimming lessons is one of my all-time favourites.  It's clear you were having such a great time but what doesn't show in this picture is how brave and determined you were while you were learning.  None of your aunts or your daddy were ever crazy about swimming so it's good to see you really learning to love being in the water!  This determination is something that you show iin everything you do!  Nothing holds you back when you are determined:)
It seems impossible to me that 7 years have passed since I first looked down on your beautiful little face.  You seem to be a little taller each time I see you and when you are with Kai you are such a kind and patient big cousin:)  Right now you are loving soccer and swimming and I don't know why but you seem to love scary things as well.  You are quite a trend setter with your fancy hats, scarves and beautiful clothes but you also love to get into your jeans and boots and go down to muck in the river with Grampa and Bailey.  You have been so gentle and loving with Bailey since he was hurt this summer and I know when he sees you coming that he gets all excited about getting his special Lizzie massages!

You were the most wonderful flower girl at Kelly's and Brady's wedding and you are the most wonderful granddaughter a gramma could ever imagine having.  Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth.  We are thankful every day for having you in our lives!
Love, Gramma


  1. thank you gramma happy thanksgiving!!! :-)
    love Elizabeth

  2. This is awesome, mom, thank you so much! Lizzie read the entire thing to us, every word... such a big, smart girl!
    Glad to have everyone together today... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!