Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bless the hearts of those who go out of their way to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

I know there are many people out there doing ordinary things every day to make a difference in the lives of those around them.  These people are not looking for recognition, payback or accolades.  They are simply looking to make a difference.

I am particularly proud at this time to be part of a community who knows how to make a difference, not only in small ways but also in big ones.  It has been truly inspiring to see so many people come together in support of a local family whose lives have been turned upside down since their little girl was diagnosed with brain cancer.  There have been bake sales, auctions, pub nights and cash donations along with a host of other activities as people go out of their way to support Andrew, Chelsey and Lilee-Jean.

One of the youngest fund-raisers must surely be Carys Bolan.  Carys wanted to help Lilee-Jean and her family so, along with the help of her mom, she organized and ran a bake sale at her school.  Now I know there were many people who baked and helped out and many who bought the baking, but without Carys' caring and leadership this bake sale may not have happened.  While Carys and her friends (and their families) set out to help others I know that they also helped their school and community become a more caring place.  They made a difference.

Tonight I watched a newscast from Edmonton, Alberta which focussed on a story out of Fort McMurray, Alberta.  Becca Hess, a former student of Agassiz Secondary where Andrew went to school, organized a fund-raiser in this hard-working community known for transience and big money.  No one other than Becca knew this family and yet they gave from their hearts and opened their wallets to the tune of $10 000.00 plus!  We kind of expect this in our small town but I was truly moved by the generosity of these people who were simply told that a family needed help and then stepped up to make a difference.

Another news article I read this week also touched me.  Five former students from the school I teach at formed a non-profit society in Golden, B.C.  Their goal???  "We are a brand new non-profit society aimed at building community spirit through events and sports in the Golden area."  These young men not only believed they could make a difference, they put that belief into action.  Greg Bodnaryk, Brian Coles, Eric Prasloski, Dan Rose and Brad Bokenfohr have started the Gentlemen's Leisure Club of Golden.  It is so great to see young people step up and take the lead in making their community a better place for everyone.  They too are making a difference.

We read so much about how the youth of today feel they have a sense of "entitlement".  Clearly, this is a gross over-generalization.  Carys, Becca and the boys (woops, I mean gentlemen) all come from a small town but clearly this small town is creating some big hearts who know how to go out into the world and make a difference!

What a great week for the youth of Agassiz!


  1. So inspiring... I get emotional thinking about all this. Lilee and her family are coming into the school and I well up just thinking about it. I have never met the family but to see the community pull together around them has had such a huge impact on me. Agassiz is not the richest community when it comes to wealth but each year, I am so inspired at the support that is given to each other by its citizens (and former citizens).

    You have spoken of "making a difference" for a number of years... and it is moments like these that make your realize the power that one person can have. They can be the change.

    Thanks for sharing this powerful post and for continuing to model "making a difference" for others.

  2. That's particularly impressive about all the generosity coming to Lilee's family from Edmonton! All this has inspired my own kids to find a way to join in, too. That's great about the boys in Golden, too :)

  3. Hurray for these young men who want to make a difference. I am sure they will grow up to be not only very responsible but helpfull. Thanks for sharing their story and letting us konw about them. I am sure their parents did a great job raising them.