Sunday, January 15, 2012

So much to learn, so little time!

Over the last year or two I have begun to dabble in yoga and meditation.  While most of my dabbling has been reading I am beginning to branch out a bit into the practice area as well.  I must give all credit for this newfound interest to my sister-in-law, Sherri.  Sherri is a constant inspiration to me.  She's faced some tremendous challenges in her life and the way she has responded to them all has been through gentle action.  Sherri is a gentle person so it seems just right that she found her way to yoga and meditation in her quest for inner peace.  Sherri and I have been related for almost 39 years (YIKES!).  Over those 39 years we have become very close.  I think we see in each other the parts of ourselves that require nurturing and we know that we are safe in sharing our even our darkest secrets with each other. 

Sherri shared a book with me a couple of years ago called, Perfect Health, by Deeprak Chopra.  Many of the ideas in the book took me back to a very interesting course I took a few years ago called, The Incredible Spoon Bending Workshop & The Power of Intention.  Yes, I bend spoons:)  Why??? Because I can:)  Reading Perfect Health led me to other books, a few websites, some magazines and lots of questions.  Curiosity began to build and that curiosity led me to a couple of yoga classes.  While I always hear that yoga classes (and in fact, most exercise classes) focus on individual development I felt quite uncomfortable amongst more experienced practitioners.  The instructors were great, they helped me with blocks and straps and modifications but I just didn't feel at ease.  Our adult children (surely there's a better term)  all live in the city so we go in often and it is here that I have found a way into yoga.  In the summer I took an introductory course at Semperviva, just a couple of blocks from my son's place.  Last weekend I did a mini-retreat (yoga, meditation & Ayurveda) in Stanley Park, just a short way from our daughter's. I truly feel more comfortable in anonymity while I find my way.  I think I also need to try many different classes so I can find a yoga practice that suits my needs.  I am not strong enough for most of the poses right now so the restorative yoga and settling yoga seem just right. I am sure in time that I will move on to those beautiful flowing sequences but for now, lying with my legs straight up against the wall seems just right!

The meditation has come much easier for me than the yoga.  While I am still at the guided practice stage ( and may never move from here:) I find it very easy to focus on the breathing, the words, the music and feel incredibly relaxed at the end of each session.

While I am working full time I am satisfied to dabble, read, learn, explore and experiment.  However, retirement is whispering my name and I know that yoga and meditation will be a big part of life after teaching. 

Thank you Sherri for sharing your passion and your knowledge and for opening up a whole new world to me!

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