Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Treasures

One of the joys of being retired is having TIME.  Last week my two grandchildren came out for two days to prepare some baking and artwork to enter in our local Fall Fair.  The day was full of fun; painting, drawing, picking flowers for an arrangement and baking (with all the requisite cracking of eggs, flinging of flour and oh-so-accurate measuring). 

Of course, as four year olds and eight year olds go, we had to have a lot of "breaks".  So we played tag, went for a walk, danced in the kitchen, read some books, made a lot of music/noise and sat on the deck enjoying the breeze and the sunshine. 
 In this picture Kai and Lizzie are sampling the goods (which they did more than once).  Kai is quite a story teller and it's lucky for him that Lizzie is such a good listener:)
The time went too quickly and soon it was time for the wee ones to head home.  The beautiful part of kids though is that their joy and playfullness linger for days after they are gone.  As I tidied the house I just couldn't put some things away because it made me smile just looking at them.  So, the books ae still on the loveseat, the perfect skipping rocks are still on the counter, the hairclip (who knows why) is still attached to the kitchen drawer handle,  the artwork still hangs on the fridge and the supplies are still waiting on the steps for someone to take them upstairs.

I've said this before and I'll say it again.  I feel blessed to be close enough to our grandchildren to have days like these where we can hang out, create and just play together.  I am always exhausted when they leave but when I flop onto the couch for a nap once it's quiet again, it is always with a smile on my face.

Thanks Lizzie and Kai for being such terrific kids!

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  1. That's just lovely, Roxanne. Your contentment just radiates off the! Makes me look forward to those days, too. I hope my grandkids will live close enough too.