Monday, October 1, 2012

Freedom (aka Simplifying Life)

I had to look up the word "synchronicity" before I could write tonight because I believed it was the right word but needed to make sure so I googled it and this is what I found, "the relation that exists when things occur at the same time".  It seemed strange to me that these events did occur at the same time but I think that's what makes this all so interesting. 

Event 1:
A few days ago my friend Rebecca (one of my favourite bloggers) wrote a blog called, Material Apathy (  Much of what she wrote got me to thinking about my own life and my own materialistic tendencies but mostly what it got me thinking about was my future.  For those of you who read regularly (thanks to both of you :) you know that I retired this year.  Retirement is one of those stepping stones in life that really gets you thinking about what you want to do, who you want to be, where you want to go and how and where  you want to live out your days.  One major decision my husband and I have already made is that we do not want to retire where we currently live.  Soooooo. . . one of our major tasks is taking care of our "stuff" and trust me on this one, we have a LOT of stuff.  This year, while my husband continues to work, one of my jobs is to start the decluttering process.  So far I have gotten rid of. . . . . oh yeah, nothing:(  Seriously though I've only had July, August and September).  That leaves me approximately another 9 months.  I swear, honestly, that as soon as the sun stops shining and the rains start to fall that I will tackle this mammoth task.  Honest, I will!  I wanted to thank Rebecca for moving this back up to the top of my "to do" list.

Event 2:
My son got a job in a career that he calls the "family business".  After much frustration, disappointment and outright discouragement, he has cracked the teaching profession.  We know he will be amazing as he has worked hard to get where he is and has much support from the many family members who went before him.  When things fell into place he wrote about his journey.  It was a powerful article full of emotions and hope for the future. His blog called Possibilities ( also got me to thinking.  While we often believe that our possibilities lessen with age it turns out that they actually increase.  Jason's article kick-started my own thought processes about what actually is possible, for me, for me and my husband, and for our family down the road.  Again, the possibilites cannot be realized without relocation and relocation cannot be realized without decluttering which takes us back to Event 1.

Event 3:
While I was browsing Pinterest (which takes up a considerable amount of my time which in turn gets in the way of my decluttering) I came across a pin about a book called, You Can Buy Happiness (and it's Cheap).  The book keeps telling me that it's time to declutter if I really want to live the life I think I want to live.  Karma?  You bet!

It seems that these three events are absolutely tied together and that the greater universe is working together to actually get me to DO something rather than to simply think about it.  This is what kept me up tonight and contibuted to my blogging at 1:50 in the morning rather than sleeping.  Tomorow when I wake up, slightly later than usual given this unearthly hour, I will take pictures of the big items we need to get rid of and get them on Craigslist.  On Tuesday my task will be to go through my beloved books (well at least in one or two rooms).   In the front of my mind, as I sort through books, I will focus on the life I want to live and know that 9 months will pass quickly if I don't get started.  Wednesday will be "clothes" day and that will be it for this week as my mind turns to our family gathering, perhaps for the last time in this "home" for our Thanksgiving weekend together.

Seems like a good plan.  Thanks Jason, Rebecca and Tammy Strobel (author of You Can Buy Happiness) for getting me going!

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  1. You are very coherent for 1:50 am :)
    Yes, the greater universe does conspire to send us a message sometimes. It's sending us a message right now, too, with Vern injured yet again this year and having to stay home from his incredibly stressful job, wondering if it is all worth his health...but what to do? I suppose we just have to be patient and see what the universe has planned for us. I know it will be something better for us if we aim for making changes for the right reasons.
    It is so great that you are excited about the possiblilities in yours and Bob's future - you are still young and not only that, youthful!
    'Keep on rockin' in the free world', as Neil Young said :) great post! Looking forward to hearing about your progress! (And yes, after your comment on my blog today, I would say yes, that is all very familiar.)