Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Austen Robinson Watts - We Love You!

Well Baby Watts, your journey into our world has begun.  It's just after 11:00 am on a blustery fall day (October 20) and your dad has just called to tell me that you'll be here later today.  Mom is doing well and is at home doing the work she needs to do to bring you into the world. 

My stomach is all a-flutter and Grampa and I are going to try hard to keep ourselves busy while we wait to take the trip into Vancouver to meet you.  I'm thinking of your mom and dad right now and know how excited and anxious they are to finally meet you, just like the rest of your big, crazy family.

Well Austen, this blog started out addressed to "Baby Watts" and now you are here.  It was a long ride for all of us but mostly for your mom and dad.  50 hours is a long, long time to wait to get into this great big world but now that you're here it seems like it was no time at all.

Your mom can, and I'm sure she will, remind you from time to time about how hard she and your dad worked to get to meet you.  What I am going to share with you are just a few of the ways you touched my heart in those first few moments after I met you.

You are determined.  You also worked long and hard to get into this world and we are grateful for your determination.

You are peaceful.  As doctors and nurses checked you out after you arrived, you simply and quietly looked around and took it all in.  I am wishing you a lifetime full of peace.

You are beautiful.  Your dad prefers the word handsome but to me you are beautiful.  It is so amazing to see you with your mommy and daddy.  It is clear to see that you have changed them both already.  They have gone from a couple to a family since you arrived.  They can't keep their eyes off of you and they love you with all of their hearts for the miracle you are.

You are unique.  As these moments change into days and days into months and months into years we will all get to know the unique you.  You have just begun and I am curious about who you will be.  Will you have your mommy's and daddy's love of sport?  Will you survive Grampa's teasing?  Will you be a go, go, go kind of guy like your cousin Kai?  Will you want to take long walks with your cousin Lizzie looking for perfect skipping rocks as you go?  Will you love to be in the kitchen with Gramma spreading ingredients over every surface alongside Kai and Lizzie?  Will you love spending time outdoors, reading books, watching the Yankees and travelling the world? 

It's your first day at home today Austen.  You only arrived two days ago but already it seems like you've been with us forever.  The world seems just right now that you're in it.

We love you!


  1. Sounds like he is in for a great lifetime ahead... as those of us who know your family are confident that is exactly how it will go. Congratulations... aren't you glad to retired to be able to be there for him!?

    1. Oh Lynne, I don't need to tell you that retirement is the BEST!

  2. Every baby is a miracle! I love that he was so peaceful while the doctors and nurses checked him out. That's a good way to be. I know you will thoroughly enjoy getting to know your new little grandson. Wishing you all a wonderful life adventure with Austen!

    1. Thanks Rebecca. We may even encourage him to step outside the family experiences and try to add a little music to his life :)