Friday, September 3, 2010

As Summer Winds Down

I read my daughter's new blog this morning "Life As Me" and like her, I always go to bed with so many things swirling in my head.  So if this can work for her, as busy as she is, maybe it can work for me as well.  I chose the title, Transformer Gramma, because ONCE AGAIN, I have chosen to transform what I do with my life.  Perhaps it's my military "roots" that don't allow me to go more than two or three years without change.  Perhaps it's just who I am.  At any rate, I am looking forward to this year of teaching half time and starting a new business.  The new business is really just an excuse to stay home, play with my creative side and then get together with amazing women to share it.  I didn't discover that side until I was in my 40's.  I don't know why I didn't discover it, maybe it was because of my busy life as a working, studying, sports-playing wife and mother of four.  Maybe it was because my brother was always the "artistic one" and we all know we have our roles to play in our growing-up families.  at 55 though I think it is time to take charge of my life so stay tuned as I begin this new adventure.

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