Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The bathtub drain. . .

A few years ago an elderly neighbor (in age, not in spirit) told me that life was like a bathtub when the plug had been pulled.  At first, you can hardly notice the water going down the drain but the closer it gets to the end, the more swirling and gurgling you notice as the water quickly diminishes.  This is how life IS starting to feel!  I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel at 55 but I feel like I have so little time left to do all the things I want to do in life.  I have recently reduced my out of home work to half time so that I could pursue life as a teaching artist.  Now, if you knew me at all growing up you'd be shocked by this.  I was ALL tomboy.  I was at my best with some kind of sports equipment in my hands.  I lived and breathed fastball for about 40 years and I loved every moment of the game and my teammates.  But ART!  No such thing in my growing up years.  In fact, it wasn't until I turned 40'ish that I had any thoughts at all about investigating this side of my nature.  I now spend my days scouring the roads and paths looking for the perfect rock or piece of wood to hold the statues I make.  I took my instructor's course this summer and am now trying to set up classes, sales and work half time at my teaching job as well.  Every day is so full.  It seems to be bedtime before I've done half of what I wanted.  I love the pace - working at the school and working on my art.

Last week at a showing of my work I met a young girl named Kate and her family.  Kate is 9 years old.  Kate is the CEO of her own company.  That company did over $240 000.00 worth of sales last year.  I'm not a "what-if" kind of person generally.  Meeting Kate energized me in one way and yet, in another, it made me wish so much that I had noticed this artistic thing in my childhood.  Maybe then I wouldn't feel like I was running out of time.  Or. . . maybe I still would.  If you want to check out Kate's company and how it got started, her website is  If you want to check out a late bloomer and the work she is doing, check out my website at

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  1. you can always put your childhood dreams into action and 'play' art with your grandchildren!!